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Kids Boutique - Girls

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Metallic color with a bit of stretch App 39cm relaxed

Knotty metallic headbands

R 35.00

4 piece tutu set

Cupcake tutu set

R 300.00

Funky color leggings

Funky leggings

R 80.00

0-1 years

Frills stretch all the way over the bum area and its an open back

Pink bloomer outfit

R 170.00

Jelly shoes

1 x USA 12.5 or EUR 30

Nude bow tie back saddle

R 200.00

Jelly shoes

1 x USA 11 or EUR 23

Turquoise bow saddles

R 150.00

Other items

Onesie with matching headband

Pink & balck onesie set

R 170.00

1-2 years

Blue flowers onesie outfit. Sits nice anc poofy around the nappy area

Flower bloomer

R 180.00

2-3 years

3-4 years

4-5 years

Dusty pink dress, two layers of tulle over lining

Pink Paris dress

R 250.00

Lilac lacy dress

Purple lace dress

R 150.00

A light cream dress with gold sequence, with two layers of net and a soft cotton lining. Absolutely beautiful

Cream sequin dress

R 339.00

5-6 years

6-7 years

Two piece outfit and the top has a hoody

Teal floral outfit

R 280.00

Two piece outfit and the top has a hoody

Teal floral outfit

R 280.00